What’s the Cause of all of this Stupidity Lately? The Answer May Shock you.

2018 has to be the dumbest, most infuriating year on record since 2017. Whatever bullshit idea you might have, no matter how whacked-out, no matter how fringe, if you can get people reading about it on the internet, someone will put their hand up and tell you “that is what I’ve been saying this whole time!”.

It’s stupid people having their ideas validated by other stupid people, and it’s disgusting. People used to be isolated in their little local communities, or, in some cases, limited and labour-intensive special interest publications. Their bullshit ideas wouldn’t go very far, which was an amazing thing. 

Now, though, being a stupid asshole has officially become mainstream. How else do you explain the US Presidency going to a meme like Donald Trump? People get together in their communities and circlejerk about how amazing their worthless and dangerous ideas are. How do you explain; the antivax movement, the chemtrails movement, Illuminati, ANTIFA, the naturalist movement, homeopathy, and so on? It’s all stupid people sharing their uninformed ideas in an effort to feel smart and important. We live in an age where the importance of “I feel” has surpassed “studies show”.

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So we’ve gotta ask ourselves; is the internet in its current form worth it? Should we go back to the days where the internet was only for sharing of information between scientists? Maybe open it up to automated communication between smart devices such as smart home integration, and also person-to-person communication like as Skype or iMessage, but absolutely no browsable web? Can’t risk all these stupid blogs cropping up again.