Customer Service and Why you May Have the Wrong Idea

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People like to talk about governments always having shit tier customer service and private companies having awesome customer service but I’ve found that governments can also provide awesome service.

Case in point; have you ever been to Service NSW? It’s fast and efficient and they can help you with exactly what you need to do; all of your government dealings under one roof. It’s also clean and spacious and pleasant. Whomever was charged with the retail arm of that department is doing a bang-up job. Lots of cuties working there, too. Bang-up job, boyo.

The American DMV is also much better than shit-tier comedians from the 90s would have you believe. The DMV staff are not the problem. They’re  ready with all the paperwork and stationary and stamps and everything they need. They know all the procedures - they’re ready to go!

The problem comes in the form of customers. They go in there and they waste time with frivolous bullshit, they don’t follow instructions, and they just gunk up the works. They’ll come in with a letter - a letter with instructions telling them to fill the information in and send it back - and they come to the DMV with “a letter came and I don’t know what to do”. Read the letter! It tells you exactly what to do!!!!


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