Imagine Denying Decades of Scientific Research Based on a Hunch

Why is it that I’ve never seen anyone deny that our oceans are choked with plastic, but as soon as the topic of global warming comes up, everyone is an armchair scientist? They’re ready to tell the actual scientists, who spent years of their life researching the problem, that they’re suddenly wrong, because whatever they want to be true is more important than what has actually been observed. What’s more, they rarely don’t have little more than a hunch and a google search to back it up! It’s... pretty depressing, but why does it happen?

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Is it because people are morons that only believe in things that they can physically see (as opposed to observe the long-term effects of)? Is it because, as humans, we have evolved to care about immediate physical threat (which is fair enough) but have no innate ability to judge subtle threats in the future, so we disregard them as threats at all? Do some people lack the ability to process information that they gain through means that aren’t innate to them? Do they have such a desire to be “right” that they’ll argue all day about a hunch they had, with people who have actually done the first-hand research? 

That’s it isn’t it? All of it. God damn it, humans!