Animal Welfare, Meat Production, and the Current Model

Humans have been killing animals for their meat for thousands of years, but never in history has meat production been as soulless and ruthless as it is right now.

Every year, millions and millions of animals are born in captivity, in atrocious conditions, solely for the purpose of their own death, with mechanized, unblinking, and tireless efficiency that no one human can match. Breathing, thinking, feeling beings are born into a world of filth and steel cages, made to grow, waiting for their demise, knowing nothing but pain and suffering.

Modern capitalism treats animals like commodities, as they were also treated in the ancient world, but with the added tenacity brought on by a burning desire for endless profit, expansion, and growth. Fierce, determined, unending death, brought on for the chance to earn a bonus at the end of the quarter.

There is no real goal, and no end. Profit is the only goal and no amount will ever be sufficient, so there is no reason to stop, just and endless assembly line of agony.

Even one of the most evil men in history, ordering the systematic slaughter of millions, had a goal with a defined end, whereas corporate-instituted meat practices have none. Even Adolf Hitler would have stopped once the “un-pure races” were extinguished, yet corporate farming practices will go on indefinitely, or until more profitable methods of meat production are found.

Millions of sentient creatures are raised and killed every year because a few billionaires feel the need to endlessly increase profits.

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