Why are People Against Action Addressing Climate Change?

I’ve noticed that people are, for some reason, really really opposed to acting on climate change, a problem that will obviously effect everyone on this planet in catastrophic ways.

If it’s real and we’re in for a bad time, then addressing it will avert disaster. Clearly. Plus we’ll have the benefits of new jobs and industries and cleaner air to breathe and cool shit like that.

If climate change is a hoax perpetuated by whomever, for some reason, then if we try to address it, we still get the benefits of new jobs and industries and clean air for everyone to breathe. There’s nothing to lose by addressing climate change, even if we’re wrong about it existing in the first place.

The only losing position is to take no action. If action is taken, whether it’s real or not, we come out on top. Taking no action is rolling the dice that climate change isn’t real (which is a ridiculous position at this point) and then losing everything if we’re wrong on that assumption. So the obvious answer is to take action on climate change. What’s not to like?

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Are you against climate change action simply because your political party told you to be that way, or because “something something free market”? If you’re against climate change action because of those things, which is the only possibility when you consider the previous few paragraphs, then you’re a moron. Not irredeemable but not far from it. There isn’t much you can say to convince us otherwise at that point. Sorry.