Don't be a Nice Guy™

Are you a Nice Guy™? Do you agree that only jerks get girls while you would actually treat them right if you'd only get the chance? Well then this might be for you.

Only jerks get girls, right? Never mind the fact that, when they like a girl, they actually make a move and go for what they want. No no, a nice guy never makes a move. That's part of what makes him 'nice'. Besides, that would be scary. Can't people just realise how 'nice' this guy is?

When the Nice Guy™ finds out that she isn't interested in them (shocker!), he won't just move on. He'll tell the girl that he's okay with just being friends, with the secret hope that she'll "realize how much he loves her", "see that he's the right guy for her", or some other such nonsense.

He's patiently waiting, in the hopes that she'll change her mind, or in the hopes that she'll 'reward' him and his 'kindness' with sex. He's an uncaring manipulator who's only here because he thinks that there's something in it for him - not because he cares about her in the slightest. That's no friend. That isn't what a friend does.

Then, when he finds out that she isn't interested, instead of improving himself, he'll tell himself that guys who get girls are jerks who 'don't treat them right’. In reality, it seems to me that the Nice Guy™ sees a girlfriend as less of a partner in life and more of an accessory in his own life. Pathetic.

Nice Guys™' aren't nice. They're weak manipulators with no game. They won't even try to go for what they want, who then complain when they don't get it. Then, they blame the guys who do get girls, and also blame the girls who like them because "girls just want to be treated like shit".

Now, don't confuse a Nice Guy™ with a regular guy who happens to be friendly and courteous. That guy's alright. Everyone should be that guy by default, but he isn’t a Nice Guy™. Don’t ever make that mistake.

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The one with the problem isn't the guy who's getting the girl, it's the Nice Guy™ who, even if he actually were a nice guy (instead of a sleazy manipulator) wouldn't have much more value to bring to the relationship other than actually being genuinely nice.

If the fact that you're nice or pleasant is your only positive attribute, then you're a movie titled 'This Movie is in English' with the subtitle 'the actors are clearly visible'. Maybe you need a little more, don'tcha think? Maybe try to be interesting and those stats will improve.

Oh, and consider dropping the 'nice guy' routine. 'Nice guys' complain about jerks but they're the real jerks.

In conclusion, if you're a Nice Guy™ - then, like, don't.