Corporations are just Sock Accounts for Rich People

Are corporations basically just the legal equivalent of sock accounts? When do you use a sock account? You use one when you want to do shit and/or hilarious things on the internet, but don’t want to be held liable. It’s the same with corporations. A bunch of rich fatcats want to poison drinking water and pay their workers poverty-level wages, but they can’t do it themselves because they’d get in trouble. That’s why they start a sock account (a corporation - which is its own legal entity) to do it for them. 

Sock account: A fake account you make on an online social media platform for the purpose of trolling or otherwise causing trouble without getting in trouble. 

They then do the thing that they want to do, but because technically the corporation is doing it and not them, they can do whatever they want with impunity. Think about it; if something goes wrong, the sock (corporation) takes the fall (in the form of a small fine) and the fatcat faces no consequences for their actions - not to mention the boatloads of profit that they’ve made.

Makes sense to me!