Buying Printers: How Not to Do It

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A useful piece of advice is the following; spend some cash on a good printer. Throw down a couple hundred dollars, and you’ll get a reliable, functional machine, that will serve you well for years to come. 

Don’t, instead, buy bottom-of-the-barrel shit, just to save a few bucks. You’ll regret it. There’s a reason people think printers are unreliable and that’s because they spend as little as possible on their printers and then wonder why they barely work. Here’s a rule of thumb; if the printer you want to buy costs less, or even as much, as a corresponding ink cartridge, you’re about to buy a shit printer. 

Printers are very complicated and have many moving parts - so buying a cheap one is asking for trouble. You may think that you’re getting value with a cheap printer, but the real value comes from buying something and not having to replace it for years and years.

This isn’t really related to cost, but buy a printerwith a paper tray that slides in, and not the kind that has the paper sitting in the top. It may be easier to put the paper in the top than it is to slide a tray out, but the paper in the top will get dusty and it plain doesn’t look good. You’ll have a bad printing time with paper in the top.

Another useful tip; get yourself a printer with both networking and AirPrint, and enjoy printing from any device on your home network. Being tethered to one computer for printing purposes is not conducive to happiness. What is this, 1969?

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