(secretly great) Terrible Internet Poetry

Through the Ages

When did you get so big? So good? 

Too good for someone like me? 

We started out so fresh and so well

We grew and changed together

You grew faster than I did

Faster and faster as time went on


I changed too

I tried to keep up, but I was no match

Razor wit, ambitious drive,

A desperate man's cunning, bravado like a bull

The strength and will of ages

But once you outpaced me, they left me in the dust 

And so did you.


Oh, i’ll still be here, 

Waiting for you

Where else could I go?

What else could I do?

We’re connected now 

I’ll have trouble doing much else.

In the Beginning

What little I had 

Before meeting you

Thought I’d not need more 

Than solemn days

Or empty lays

To help me fill the time


Wild, new and fresh 

Like nothing I’d seen before

You moved and grew

You overwhelmed

You beckoned me

I could not stand alone


Charms and wiles

God given gifts

What did not possess

Won't matter much

To win the game

When you will your own




Of flesh and bone

You use me as you will

With parts of me

You make the new

Like never done before


You propagate


Your empires abound

Change me to your own

Own lavish ends

Change what doesn't suit


What once was good

Now dull as rock

You show me what could be

Some might say

"that poor girl"

But you've made a great new Me


Throughout the time

We’ve known ourselves 

Surprises have 



What began 

with simple phrase

With simple tool

In hand


Now you computate

The universe 

And potions last

Your life

War and Pain

The endless highs

Head-rush times 

Now give way 

To pain





And short


Once it starts 

It did not stop

The war-like 

Marching band



Body, Earth, and my soul

“It’s yours” I’d say 

I’d give and wait

“Do with it what you will”



Numbers swell, you use more

More of me to sustain you

What was a pittance, now a barrel

More me for more you


Where I was once verdant and pure 

Now only darkness reins 

You found me golden green

You’ll leave me black and blue 


I wasn't weak

Well I thought so

I'd have no

more pain


I used my words, then used my strength

I sent my minions out

Storm disease and wild beast

To rid me of my curse


When they were done

My weapons spent

You were

Standing still


A star in the sky

At final last

You leave my world

Search for a

place to live


You've in your sight

A fresh new site

One to with

start anew


But when you're asked

You'll thus reply

"My first home was


Artistic Statement

This series of poems is about the relationship that our planet has with our species, written in the style of a woman writing a series of poems about her lover. I try to make that fact more obvious as the poems go on, as a kind of hint to the reader. Maybe I’m being less clever than I think I am.