Which Elder Scrolls is the best Elder Scrolls?

Which is the best Elder Scrolls game and why is it probably Oblivion? Just look at this feature list;

- Large and diverse open world

- Kewl and interesting quests (including main quest)

- Sexy inventory management

- Spell/item hotkeys even with a controller!

- Environments that don’t look like barren wasteland hellscapes (looking at you Skyrim!)

- Combat that feels real and natural

- Actual cities !!!1!

- Wasn’t turned into bland same-y trash like Skyrim was

- I can do more automated science in the background while playing the game since it’s less resource intensive by being an 12 year old game

- Sean Bean as a main story character

- People say that the NPCs look like potatoes but I still want to light their dragon fires 😉

- Better than Skyrim


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