Why Stoski Mosti & Co. is the Best Website

Realizing you own the best website in the world is kind of like having new tenants in your investment property: You're having a great time now, but sooner or later you're going to have to do some actual work. It's also like investing in the stock market: You're trying to spend the smallest amount of money possible while simultaneously trying to make money by doing nothing. Basically, my life is a twisted combination of those two things.  

#1 Source for Stoski

Sure, there are other sources for this guy right here, but those are mostly side-efforts. I'ts well known that both Reddit and Facebook gets their content from Stoski Mosti & Co. Ever see that list of the hundreds of one-liners and content-nibblies? You can find those on the Stoski Mosti & Co. Facebook page, but where do you think they show up first?

I haven't seen any screenshots of my content on Facebook yet (that I hadn’t put there myself), but the Internet is a big place full of trolls and lazy content people. Not like me! All of my content is 100% StoskiMotastic (no, I will not apologize!).

Is Blog

Even with the likes of YouTube and PornHub, there's always room for a great blog. Videos are fine, but how do you think the code for the software that runs those cameras was written? That's right, assholes, text. You can't make text out of videos, but if you try hard enough, you can probably make videos out of text, and what primarily makes-up blog content? Text, that's what. For more, consult this handy guide:


Why Not?

Can you think of any other websites besides the ones I mentioned, and Google? You should just stick around and face the fact that from here on in, content is delivered to you, by me, when I decide to deliver it. Don't try to fight the fact that most of my content is hastily written between 12am and 3am on it's due date while any associated video renders/uploads. If only I could stand to write during the day. I'd get so much more content made. I'd be writing something today and you wouldn't see it for 7 days because of the automated schedule. It's called sustainability. Life is all about sustainability, ya know? Moving on.

When someone calls my content weak, I first punch their face, because I disliek liars. All of my content is perfkt and cannot be questioned - not even by myself. Secondly, most people don't have content so they try to make others' content look bad. What I'm getting at is, here, on this website, where it's safe, there is lots of content to go around. Out there, it's a barren wasteland of buzzfeed non-content and lolcats.

We get it; you haz bad grammar and spelling skills. Further, how'd you escape 2007? Point is, where are you going to go for your content? PornHub? Wait...