Largely Automating Beach Safety to Create a Better World

I was thinking of learning to surf but then I remembered that the ocean is scary and dangerous. So here's what I'm thinking:

What if we set up tall drone platforms, and ‘beacon towers’ at beaches, and sold beach goers waterproof tracking bracelets. They'd swim and do their regular thing, and if the wearer is in trouble, then they can use their bracelet to alert the system of this fact and an industrial drone (none of that consumer trash) comes over to drop a line and flotation device, and to tow the person to the safety of the shore.

The system could be improved by equipping the drones and beacon towers with long/short range cameras so the system can keep an eye swimmers while they enjoy the water. The ideal system would use the beacon towers, in addition to the bracelets, to keep an eye on all swimmers and if it loses sight of any swimmer, it sends a drone to investigate and possibly assist. If the drone can't find the swimmer, or the drone is incapable of helping a swimmer in trouble, then it alerts a human rescuer to rush over and assist.


This goes along well with my overall "robots and A.I. should serve humans in doing whatever we want to do, and protect them from harm while doing so" vision for an ideal world. I don’t think anyone would genuinely disagree with that world.

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