Miraculous Semi-Worldly Inventions for Our General Collective Betterment

I have a big problem with the way that matter and objects interact with people in general - they’re way too isolated from our behavior. We’re living in {current year} but by looking at the world around us, it might as well be 5,000 BC. It’s true that we’re seeing houses beginning to be retrofitted into “smart” houses, with automated locks and central heating, but I’d hardly consider [if person_x enters geofence then turn lights on] to be“smart”. Maybe what we need is something like....

Smart Food

Why doesn’t food act to preserve your life when you’re about to die while trying to eat it? Why does it sit there passively, casually blocking your airway, when it could easily save your life by ever so slightly moving to the left a bit? In my perfect world, food will know when someone is choking on it, instantly turn to liquid, and slide down the throat. I suppose sentient food would actively try to resist being eaten, as opposed to keeping you safe while you eat it , but there must be some sort of delicious middle ground. 

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Drowning-resistant Bathtubs

Why don’t bathtubs act to try to preserve your life when you’re drowning in them? I could take a bath right now, and if, for any reason, my head gets caught beneath the water, then I’m done for. Head slides down during a nap? Dead. Hair caught on some sort of contraption under the water? Dead. Hilariously blowing bubbles in the water but accidentally inhale instead of exhale? Fu-king dead. Why doesn’t the bathtub autonomously understand that I’m dying, and quickly drain the water from the tub in 2 seconds or less? How many people have to die?

I got the idea from those permanent drainage holes people have near the top of their tub to prevent overfilling. Could probably just modify that idea and make billions! 

The Sum-up

As you can probably tell, most of my ideas involve stuff understanding that you’re doing stuff. I mean, it’s not the worst idea. If you think it is, you’ve been watching too many films. While it’s true that true A.I. woulsn’t be the greatest idea, Judgement Day isn’t an inevitability. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves, and that fate involves properly designing our future A.I. caretakers so that they do various things involving liquids without trying to kill us. Should be a good future. 

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Liquids can be useful in many many ways, and if we play our cards right, we can ensure good times for decades to come.