Capitalism: Take What Doesn't Belong to You and Sell it for a Profit

All capitalism involves taking shit that doesn’t belong to you and selling it. Does the bottled water company own the water they sell to us? No. Thy just take it and sell it. That water has no owner. It is simply out there doing important things in its ecosystem. Yet, companies waltz on over and take it like they’re driving a paid-for-in-full Mercedes off the lot.

Lets turn our attention to energy. This is the biggest case of theft in our world, as nothing can occur in our universe without the use of energy. Note that we aren’t talking about electricity here. We’re talking about the thing that allows all things to exist. The thing that all things are made from. Wood and coal are made from energy – burn them and see light and heat energy escape. Food is energy – feed it to your children and watch them grow and learn and thrive as its energy is transferred from the food to their bodies. Electricity is obviously energy -  turn your light on and watch the bulb turn it into light energy and a small amount of heat energy. The bulb is certainly more efficient than wood in some ways.

The farmer grows food energy for human consumption, but we just learned that food is just concentrated energy, so where does the farmer get that energy? Most of it isn’t just lying around in a shed somewhere, it’s harvested from the sun and the soil. Some of it is added in through fertilizer, but most of it rains down on Earth from the universe. The farmer then uses that ill-gotten energy, concentrates it into food energy, and sells it to the consumer for a healthy profit. Stolen energy is turned into profit. Capitalism.

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Now, does a hair dresser own the energy he uses to cut the hair? No, he just harnesses it. That energy belongs to the universe. It came from the farmer, which got it from the universe, so therefore, the hairdresser takes energy from the universe and uses it to fuel labour to generate profit. Capitalism.

Does the business tycoon own the oxygen that he uses to continue existing and creating profit? I don’t think so. That oxygen came from trees that use energy from the universe to sustain themselves, yet the tycoon continues to use it to extract profit from his time like a common criminal. Trees made that oxygen. His lungs have no business being filled with stolen oxygen, in the same way that your belly has no business being filled with a yummy, stolen burrito.

That’s just the way it is these days. People take things that don’t belong to them, for purely profitable reasons. Maybe one day we can come back onto the path from which we have strayed. If capitalism is so great, why does it rely on theft to make it work?