Your 'Origin of the Universe' Theory Isn't Impressing Anyone

How did the universe come into being? No-one knows for sure but, there are many legitimate theories out there if you look for them. Though you aren't looking for those, are you? You're after the i>truly<i novel. Something exciting. Something so make you seem smart at parties. You're looking for something that an 'intellectual' would use to explain the universe. Let's be clear, though. You are not.

You aren’t an intellectual just because “whoa man you can’t prove it ISN’T right!”. Yeah well guess what, you can’t prove it i>is<i right either, so you just described a meaningless, nonsense idea that impacts no-one and that has no implications on anything. Congrats. You just said “I think this” and there’s nothing to say except “okay”. How do you expect people to respond? Elation? Do you expect a debate? No, of course not, you just want to flex on everyone about how much of a wacky intellectual you are, thinking about the origins of the universe in such an “original” and "far out" way. Last Thursdayism revolves around the concept that the entire universe, including our memories of the past, popped into existence last Thursday. What a "crazy" concept to impress people with!

This 'unjustifiable hypothesis' schlock is the typical fare of the pseudointellectual nobody. Someone smart enough to consider outside ideas about life and the constant turmoil that is our existence, but not smart enough to think of their own ideas and actually find evidence for them. Someone with a wide breadth of factoids and rudimentary ideas, who, once prodded, will reveal that there isn't anything that they actually know a lot about.

Usually heard at parties, groups of pseudointellectuals will sit and exchange pointless theories - try The Simulation Hypothesis, which is just the plot of the Matrix - trying to gain approval from the group. Once the few main theories are exhausted, the topic of discussion will change, or the group will sit in silence for a time, before a new discussion topic emerges - likely as insufferable as this one.

It should be noted that not all discussion of these theories occur between pseudointellectuals (though it does mostly happen at parties). Sometimes, the pseudointellectual will attempt to either impress, or merely converse, with the non-intellectual. Seeing as the non-intellectual has never heard these “alternate” theories about the origin on the universe, there may be some discussion of each one, as opposed to the rapid-fire nature of the pseudointellectual-to-pseudointellectual exchange. However, the outcome is always the same; the quick exhaustion of mainstream theories, followed by either silence, or a new topic of discussion.

This sort of discussion is always shallow in nature, and quickly end with everyone feeling dissatisfied and no-one‘s mind having been changed. This is because it’s nothing but a poor attempt to seem interesting. No-one takes any of it seriously, and no-one actually believes any of these theories. Keep it to yourself.