September Movie Review Roundup; The 1980s we all need in our lives

We’ve added quite a few movies to Stoski’s Ultimate Movies Rating Guide ( this month, from X to Y to Z. Looking for something to watch? Here are a few things that might have flown past your radar. 

Cobra (1986)

Get set for straight-up action mayhem plucked from the exact centre of the 1980s - 1986. Stallone plays Lieutenant Cobretti, a no-nonsense street-tough cop who disregards the rules and gets things done. Cobra is your cliche crime-police action flick and it knows it. Everything great about 80s and 90s action flicks is here; explosions, indiscriminate carnage, one-liners, a wacky love interest, and above all, action. Action done right. Today’s action movies are quite good, but the spirit of 80s and 90s action is lost. Relive it here.

 Cobra was one of two films spawned from the screenplay for Beverly Hills Cop (the other being Bad Boys). When the studios shot his idea down for being too extravagant (read: awesome), he took the ideas from the pre-production of Beverly Hills Cop and made it into his own movie.


All movies added this month

Straight Outta Compton (2015) 4/5

Ghost in the Shell (2017) 3.5/5

Cobra (1986) 3/5

Layer Cake (2004) 3.5/5