Do’s and Do-not’s of Follow-Up Texting for a Date

The situation: You have sent a cute girl a risky text on a dating website or just via [messenger app du jour]. She hasn’t responded all night and you’re beginning to get antsy. You’re thinking that you just blew it and this woman is now lost to you forever. What do you do?

I’m sure that part of you wants to send some passive aggressive and/or “poor me” type of message. Maybe something along the lines of “Well I guess you’re not as into me as I thought you were. Oh well”

Two words: Just wait

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The Solution: Don’t do that. Not only do you run the risk of crushing the blossom of love before it even has a chance to grow, but you have literally nothing to gain by doing so. If she was planning to text you back when she had some time with a clear head or whatever, then you just jeopardized that. If she wasn’t planning to text you back anyway, then a desperate text at 3am won’t change her mind.

You don’t know what’s actually happening, but all you could possibly do is ruin a good situation. There’s no way that you’re improving a bad one if it actually happens to be occurring, so what are you doing? Just hunker down and give it some time. You have nothing to lose and cute women to gain.

Ever heard of a cost/benefit analysis?</p>