Why you Shouln't Feel Bad About Making Money from Unethical Businesses

A lot of people struggle with the decision to, or not to, benefit from the unsavory acts of others. 

A good example would be investing in, and profiting from, a company that’s making its money from accelerating global climate change - which, you know, is not exactly a good thing. You might think that, by investing in this company, you’re helping them kill or displace hundreds of millions of people and irrevocably change our planet for the worse. You’d be indirectly profiting from evil. Right?

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Well I’m here to tell you that that isn’t the case. Everything is 100% above board. In fact, it would be irresponsible of you not  to invest.

That company is making a good profit from its activities, and would continue to do so whether you’re there to reap the rewards or not. You think your piddly million dollars will make much of a difference to their destructive capabilities, in any capacity? Hell no!

If you’re investing even less, then forgeddaboutit. You’re in the clear. Without buying 40% of the company and/or making it onto the board of directors, you are making zero difference to that company or their activities.

Well what about working for unethical employers? That must be bad, right? No! If not you, then some other chump would be doing it, so you might as well get paid. The principle still applies; the company would still be doing unethical things with you there or without, so you might as well benefit from it.

Conclusion: The fact that a company is doing evil things to make huge profits doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in it and make money yourself, or just work there and get paid. These things are going to happen anyway whether you’re there or not so you might as well get paid ya herd.