November Mini-view

We’ve added quite a few movies to Stoski’s Ultimate Movies Rating Guide this month. Looking for something to watch? Here are a few things that might have flown past your radar.

The Princess Bride (1987)

Lots of movies feature a myriad of characters, huge set pieces, elaborate plots, and massive budgets, yet they only achieve only a fraction of the charm that this movie has in spades. A farmhand out for love, a master fencer out for revenge, and a price out for war, this story brings about feelings of more innocent times. Simple yet engaging, there’s no need for unwieldy expense when you have writing like this

Less sometimes is more, and The Princess Bride certainly proves that. All the budget in the world doesn’t account for much when the movie is written poorly, but the opposite is also true; small budgets are aren’t a hindrance when writing and performance are this sharp.


The Accountant (2016)

Ben Affleck is ‘the Accountant’, a forensic accountant, working for multinational organizations and terrorist groups alike, able to find the slightest discrepancy in the longest paper trail. He’s also an expert to marksman, and hand-to-hand combat enthusiast. He’s the best at what he does.

The premise is cheesy as all getout, but the execution is solid. Opposed to an unrelatable superhuman who excels at everything he tries, Christian Wolff is played superbly, the appropriate touch of humanity brought to a character who could have easily been yet another action movie cliché.


Accepted (2006)

A group of high school students get rejected by every university that they apply for. Their natural reaction is to create a fake institution to fool their parents. What they didn’t count on, is hundreds of students unexpectedly showing up at their ‘campus’ to pursue their dreams of higher education. Hi-jinks ensue.

A light hearted comedy that any American Pie fan will instantly fall in love with. A simple and effective company for when you’re in the mood for both something light and breezy, and a dose of quick-witted Justin Long, who would one year later retain his same quick wit in the wonderfully overdone fourth Die Hard film.


Terrifier (2017)

A throwback to the 80s slasher films of yore, Terrifier follows a group of women terrorized by a murderous, mute clown. The sets and main character are genuinely unsettling, bringing about a detached, unhuman feeling, obviously desirable in this kind of movie. In this respect, not a better job could have been done.

Sadly, however, the entire project seems like a weak continuation of 2013’s All Hallows’ Eve. In reality, it is merely a spinoff featuring the main character, and is certainly similar, but somewhat lacking. Worthy of enjoyment, but if you must choose one, All Hallows’ Eve is the superior choice.


All Movies Added this Month

The Accountant (2016) 4/5

Terrifier (2016) 2.5/5

The Princess Bride (1987) 4/5

Accepted (2006) 3.5/5

Stranger than Fiction (2006) 3/5

Extinction (2018) 4/5

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