February Movie Mini-view Roundup

We’ve added quite a few movies to Stoski’s Ultimate Movies Rating Guide this month, from sci-fi to musicals to what some might consider to be ‘artsy-fartsy bullshit’. Looking for something to watch? Here are a few things that might have flown past your radar. 

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 3.5/5

The Resident Evil franchise has gotten stale and dry as of late; we all know that. There’s only so much “omg zombies run!!” that we can take before it starts to get stale, and to be honest, I don’t even remember the last one. That all changes here.

It ends where it all began; inside the hive, below Racoon City. The Final Chapter pulls out all the stops to give fans an ending to the franchise that they deserve. A host of recurring characters, all played by their origial cast, return to tie a satisfying knot on the T-Virus saga. Combine that with an intriguing corporate conspiracy sub-plot, and ample biotechnology and artificial intelligence mumbo-jumbo, and you have a movie that any fan of the original will love.

There are plot holes, but their impact is minimal. 3.5/5

Inside Man 4/5

A heist-thriller starring Denzel Washington (Training Day, Man on Fire), William Dafoe (Boondock Saints, 2002’s Spiderman), and Clive Owen (Shoot em’ Up, Children of Men). Try not to get excited.

An excellent addition to the ‘bank heist’ genre, Inside Man gives you everything that you expect without being dry and formulaic, and always manages to keep the tension high, yet the movie grounded in reality. Drawing inspiration from heist-movie greats such as Dog Day Afternoon, there are a lot of things that this movie gets right, and very little falls flat.

A wonderful addition to the genre and an absolute gem.

Daddy’s Home 3.5/5

Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg duke it out to prove once and for all who can be the best dad. What a premise! The old ‘impossibly cool, laid-back guy vs. uptight, nerdy guy with a good heart’ shitick. You’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again, but these guys pull it off with miraculous ease. Wahlberg is absolutely as cool and fantastic as he always was, and Ferrel is a great partner for him to bounce off of and provide the exact opposite to Wahlberg, while still being lovable in his own way. Together they make a fantastic team, and the movie features a cameo role by well-known comedian Hannibal Bures, which fans will enjoy.

Regular turn-your-brain-off comedy, a great time for anyone looking to gave a great time.

All Movies Added This Month

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle (2017) 3.5/5

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) 4/5

Big Game (2014) 4/5

Daddy’s Home (2015) 3.5/5

Bright (2017) 3/5

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017) 3/5

The Greatest Showman (2017) 3.5/5

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) 3.5/5

War on Everyone (2016) 3.5/5

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) 2.5/5

Chips (2017) 3.5/5

Inside Man (2006) 4/5

Black Panther (2018) 2.5/5

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