April Movie Mini-view

We’ve added a few movies to Stoski’s Ultimate Movies Rating Guide this month. For the second month in a row, I saw I, Robot. I mean, not the exact same movie, but pretty fuckin’ close! You’ll see. Looking for something to watch? Here are a few things that might have flown past your radar. Probably I, Robot.

Surrogates (2009)

Once again I’m stuck watching I, Robot. I'm pretty sure that someone knew they were involved in making another i, Robot. I highly doubt that the decision to cast James Cromwell as the technology's inventor in this movie and I, Robot was a coincidence. Are you gonna tell me that in both movies:

· A giant mega-corporation changes the way that humans live forever, through technology

· The technology has major flaw

· A techno-phobic police officer, forced to use the technology due to external factors, gets involved with investigating this flaw – beginning with a murder

· The mega-corp. has contracts with the military to use the technology for war

· The inventor of the technology is heavily involved with the flaw somehow

And they didn’t do it on purpose? Come on!

I'm sick of watching I, Robot. It's a great movie, but I want to see something new. I saw it last month with Next Gen (link to that article), and I'm seeing it again this month in Surrogates. I, Robot is a kickass movie, but sometimes you want to watch more than the same movie. This was a good reimagining. It had an interesting world that used technology in interesting ways, and they showed us an interesting world that we could actually conceive of being our own world. What a time to be alive.


Role Models

A feel good, turn-your-brain-off comedy if I ever saw one. I watched it. I liked it. My brain was off. Sean William Scott (Stiffler from American Pie) is in it, as well as, Paul Rudd (Ant Man) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’). It was beautiful. I liked it a lot. You should totally watch this movie. I saw it on Netflix! Well it was Australian Netflix, but maybe it’ll be on your Netflix too.


Weekend at Bernie’s

I have been forced to add a “not completed” section to the movie list. Not because I’m a busy guy (even though I totally am) but because this movie blows. I couldn’t even get myself to sit through it – and I’ve seen some shit movies. I’ve sat through some real trash, man. I sat through The Room from start to finish and I hated it! Wasn’t even ironically bad or ‘so bad it’s good’. It was just bad. This, though? This was just boring trash. These two guys show up at their boss’ beach house and it turns out that he’s dead. Instead of calling the cops or something, they use him as a puppet and get into hijinks. So stupid.

Did not complete

All movies added this month

Weekend at Bernie’s (1985) Did Not Complete

Den of Thieves (2018) 2.5/5

Us (2019) 4/5

Get Out (2018) 4/5

Role Models (2008) 3/5