May Mini-view; Aladdin Wasn't even that Bad

It’s mostly good movies this month. Founder was great, Predestination was interesting, and American Heist was a heist movie (sort of). Stoski’s Ultimate Movies Rating Guide Is getting a few great movies but it’s also getting trash. Some real bottom of the barrel slop. At least I could watch it all the way through.

American Heist

I stand by the fact that this movie is barely a heist movie. Yes, there is a heist at the end, but don’t expect Oceans 11 or The Italian Job. Those are great heist movies. This is a movie about two brothers getting dragged into a life of crime, and their first piece of crime just happens to be a heist. Even then, it’s a simple ‘run in and grab the money’ affair. Not much of a heist at all. I mean, at least the end of the movie is pretty badass.


Okay I take that back; American Heist is a great heist movie with emotional depth and an engaging ending. It’s on the more ‘serious’ side of the spectrum so don’t expect something as tongue-in-cheek as Oceans 11. Think more along the lines of the Robert DeNiro heist movie Heat.



Even before it was released, the internet was busy complaining that the Aladdin live-action remake would be unwatchable trash . Now that it’s out, you’ll have no problem finding someone to tell you that it is unwatchable trash. Thing is; it was fine. Even good at times.

If you go into a movie theater with the intention of finding reasons to hate on a movie, then don’t be disappointed when a movie turns out to suck. If you just relax and enjoy what’s shown in front of you without judging every little thing then, yes, Aladdin is a decent movie. I liked the costumes and the modern renditions of the classic songs from the first movie. I even liked the Prince Ali song better in the remake than the original. There was so much more going on in the remake than the original – it makes the original look visually unstimulating in comparison. Over all, there is more to like than to dislike in Aladdin than to dislike. Sure, the genie’s face looks like shit close up but you rarely see that so who cares?

This movie is very much watchable and good, despite what haters might say. Go in and let yourself be absorbed into the movie, and you’ll have a good time.


All movies added this month

Kid Cannabis (2014) 3/5

Pineapple Express (2008) 3/5

Predestination (2014) 3/5

American Heist (2015) 3/5

The Founder (2016) 3.5/5

Aladdin (2019) 3/5

The Hive (2005) 2/5